eye Robot

In collaboration with Anass Benhachmi, William Hu. Instructors: Jonathan Proto, Brandon Kruysman The studies utilise the precision and repetitive performance of the Staubli Robots. The following are three experiments that best took advantage of precise robotic motion paths and are all achieved by capturing light or projection motion The first exercise was an overlay of live-feed data. We recorded movement through a Kinect controller which was attached to a projector on a robotic arm, processed it digitally in processing, and then projected it back onto the original moving participant. The registered data was abstracted in processing through the use of points, lines and color with the only parameter being depth of field. The second and third exercises were focused on the reconstruction of geometry with the change of the viewpoint, based on the bullet time effects. We were attempting to fool the viewer that 3D geometry can be perceived as 2D depending on the viewpoint. These light installations are long exposure captures.

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